The Coconut Crew November Essentials

So Winter is well and truly approaching and it's time we raid the shops for a few of those winter essentials! Here's a few things we couldn't survive the upcoming November without...

F&F Fedora

With the cold weather coming, bad hair days are becoming a lot more common (eeeek!) and an easy fix to tame those naughty strays is a hat. This gorgeous fedora is a steal at £16 from Tesco and gives an edge to any outfit, not to mention it keeps the frizz at bay!

Yankee Candles

The Coconut Crew are all firm believers that candles make the world a better place, and if you get your hands on these wax melts you will be, too! Raspberry Sundae and Toasted Marshmallow are two of our fave scents from Yankee Candle right now and just £1 for each wax melt, it means making room for more festive scents in a few weeks time will be a walk in the park.

Quick Fix Face Mask

Winter plays havoc with your skin, and with all the harsh wind and rain that's soon to arrive, make sure to treat yourself once a week with a deep cleansing face mask. Our fave mask from Quick Fix Facials is aimed specifically at troublesome skin and it works an absolute treat. 

Bath Bombs

There's no better way to warm yourself up than with a nice hot bath... and what better way to make the perfect bath than by adding a Lush bath bomb?! Having already raided their Christmas stash, we fell in love with the Bar Humbug bubble bar that smells insanely good, and who doesn't love a glittery bath?!

Adult Colouring Books

So childish right? Wrong! We totally laughed in the face of people who bought these when they first came out, but gee whizz were we wrong. For a lazy sunday afternoon, this adorable Frozen themed colouring book is the perfect way to chill out... plus you totally get to spend the afternoon feeling like a child without feeling guilty.

Plum Lip Combo

It's the time of year when the dark lipstick arrives from the back of the make-up drawer. Mac Diva and the NYX Plum Lip Pencil make the perfect combination, and the lip liner is super handy if you're not used to applying dark lippy. 

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish

The Laura Mercier Skin Polish is a little drop of heaven. While dry skin forces its way to us in the colder months, this helps to keep it at bay and give your skin the silkiness that it deserves all year round.

Lace Up Heels

Now that it's so cold, it's safe to say we are definitely the 'jeans and heels' type of gals. Our fave lace up heels were an absolute bargain at £14 from Primark - they add that bit of joosh to any outfit and help keep those little tootsies warm on those cold walks home.

So, get shopping and stock up on your Coconut Crew essentials for November!