Being 'Twenty Something'... 💁

Nowadays being ‘Twenty Something’ is a completely different story to how it used to be. Instead of houses, marriage and babies many of us are all about young, free and single. And you know what? Either way is completely fine. Here’s our guide to making the absolute most of being ‘Twenty Something’…

1. Career

At twenty something, you have your whole life ahead of you, so if you don’t have your career sorted, don’t panic! Now is the time to dabble in all different fields of work to find what works for you. Even for graduates, it’s pretty hard to walk straight out of uni and into a job that sets you for life, so make the most of not having a ton of money commitments and play the field a little - you never know, you may find your calling in a job you never would have expected.

2. Friends

As you grow up you realise that it really is true when people say you’ll find out who your true friends are. Don’t surround yourself with a crowd of people just because it feels good to have tons of friends, make sure the people around you are those who you can rely on and will support you no matter what.

3. Relationships

Ah, those pesky little relationships. While your nan might tell you that she married with children at your age, don’t stress and picture yourself as the next Bridget Jones. Your twenties is the age to be selfish. You have years to find ‘the one’, so if you haven’t found them yet don’t panic. Date as much as you want, or as little as you want. You’ll end up with some great date stories to tell and even maybe a new friend or two! You’ll find them when the time is right - and if you’ve already found them, well good on you!

4. Travel

Before you’re tied down with a whole family to think about, get out and see the world. Travelling doesn’t have to involve packing in your job and going away for a year, by all means you can conquer the world a city at a time. Take a weekend city break, bargain flights and a cheap hotel and you’ll soon find yourself quite the travel master. 

5. Take Risks

Move abroad? Start a company? Change career? Now is the time to do it! You have no-one else to worry about but yourself, so do exactly what will make you happy, and if it doesn’t work, at least you tried!

6. Memories

‘You only regret the things you didn’t do’ or so we’re told… make the most of these years and make as many memories as you can. Take a trip with your friends, watch a sunrise, dance on the bar, go on a spontaneous night out… but most of all, enjoy it because these are the days you’ll look back on!


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