Our Guide to Surviving A Cold 👃💪

So winter is here, how do we know? The weather is cold, the nights are drawing in and we drink copious amounts of soup. Another tell–tale sign is that common cold that we just can’t seem to get away from. It would appear that an abundance of Vitamin C will not fend off this inevitable virus.

 We have all suffered those unattractive symptoms, the snotty nose which seems to run as rapid as the water of Niagara Falls, the sore throat that feels like daggers deeply penetrating the glands and the sheer discomfort of congestion that seems to block off all our airways. To top it off these symptoms ultimately result in us sounding like a bloke. This is far from ideal.

 To add to this, there’s never a convenient time to blow your nose and unfortunately there is no graceful way of doing it. It’s inevitable you’ll be seeing that newly purchased nude shade of foundation on the tissue which then results in your nose looking an attractive shade of red. Not the best of looks. Though quite apt given that Christmas is coming.

 So where do we go from here?

 Luckily the common cold only lasts a few days. But if you are struck down with this illness we believe it is essential that you

  • Take plenty of bubble baths, with candles of course
  • Eat your favourite ice cream to help numb your throat; this is a scientifically proven remedy.
  • Try and take your mind off it, maybe some online shopping will help, purchasing a new          handbag, dress or some Coconut Lane goodies will most definitely give you a more positive outlook.
  • Order an Indian takeaway, a hot and spicy Madras is an effective and tasty way to clear you out.
  •  Treat yourself to some ‘nose-friendly’ tissues; no one enjoys that cheap loo roll that cuts away at your sensitive skin!
  •  If you happen to be out in public, always take a compact mirror with you to double check you’re clear of any, how do we put this… excess mucus?
  • Rest, rest and rest… We all know in order for your body to recover you have to take it easy, avoid the gym, put your feet up and relax!