15 Reasons we LOVE Winter 💗

With winter here to stay for the next few months, we totally understand the pain of missing the summer sun, bronzed tan and cute dresses. But Winter isn't all bad, and here's a few reasons why the Coconut Crew will be embracing the chilly season this year...

1. There are so many things to celebrate. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year... Winter is just one long party!

2. You can buy mince pies by the dozen. Yaaaay!

3. Christmas. Christmas songs. Christmas presents. Christmas films. CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING.

4. Tis' the season of fairylights.

5. Now that we're actually forced to spend time in our house it means we're totally allowed to buy new home ware items by the truckload... hello online shopping! Our fave starting point - a bit of Coconut Lane Wall Art

6. Saturdays are no longer spent stressing over outfits and makeup for a night out.. instead we take to the sofa, onesie on, takeaway ordered and x-factor at the ready. Result. 

7. Dark Lip and nail colours. Need we say more?

8. Autumnal/Winter candles are heaven in wax form.

9. Faux Fur. Coats, Gilets, Scarves... We'll be spending the winter being so warm and snug, we're debating hibernating.

10. Hot Baths. Now that the season of cold showers is gone, we're embracing hot baths filled with heavenly bath bombs. 

11. TV - Television is practically non-existent during the summer while we're out making the most of the sun, but now Winter is here television gets reaaaal good.

12. On the odd occasion that we may venture out into the cold for a night out - it means that tiny dresses and crop tops are a thing of the past and jeans and roll necks are completely acceptable i.e. we save hours of time fake tanning.

13. Sales. We are officially in the season of the sales... and we could not be happier, although our bank accounts may not be.

14. Winter Wonderland. Nothing says Winter like a bunch of Londoners on a spinning carousel bar drinking mulled wine. 

15. Winter is the season we're practically encouraged to eat non-stop and finish it all with a nice glass of wine... and that's something we'll definitely be doing with no complaints!

So, you see Winter isn't all bad. So get on the cosy PJs, light those candles and keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the Adventures of the Coconut Crew!