10 people you find at the gym 💪👟

The gym, a place that the Coconut Crew both love and hate. Whilst we do desire a tight and toned gym body that’s good enough for Tumblr memes, we also find the gym quite frankly at times, awkward.

As you sweat five meters away from a complete stranger, randomly locking eye contact with people mid strain face, it is clear to see who plays what role in your gym. So for the Coconut Crew, here are the 10 common types of people you’re guaranteed to find at every gym: 

1. The ‘fit one’ - Or should we call this person the distraction? This person is pretty self-explanatory really, and we are all guilty of the occasional stare. I suppose the gym isn’t always that bad.

2Mo Fara – This is the Athletic guy that seems to be training for every marathon in the world. You secretly try to out race him but he’s just too good.

3. The Treadmill friends – This is two friends who walk on a treadmill side by side, at a pace slower than an A level English Literature exam. Whilst they have only burned off about 50 calories between them, they have had a great bonding session. 

4. The PT – This is the person you’ll see walking up and down the gym for hours on end. He also adds you on Facebook (middle name PT) within the first week you’ve joined just to remind you that he is in fact a PT at your gym, so therefore he is Jesus to you.

5. The Snapchatter – This is the girl who’s guilty of informing everyone on her Snapchat that she is in fact, working out. Okay, we’re all guilty of this. 

6. The angry man – This guy is just generally angry all the time, and you’ll find him in every corner of every gym. You find yourself afraid to lock eye contact with him incase he throws a weight at you. We’re sure deep down he’s a little softie.

7. The Protein shaker – This person likes to violently shake their protein shake for about 40 minutes after they’ve left the gym. We get it, you like protein. 

8. The Gym bunny – This is the girl who lives and breathes the gym. We secretly think she’s actually homeless and lives there because there couldn’t possibly be a logical reason to like the gym that much. 

9. The progression – Once not so fit, the progression is now a sculpted Greek God who offers daily inspirational social media speeches, free of charge. We can truly say we wake up every morning waiting for these speeches to grace our day.

10. The couple – Last but not least, the ‘hot power couple’. Whether it’s Kim and Kanye, or the Beckhams, every gym has one.

So there you have it, ten types of people you’ll encounter at your gym. We love every single one just the same and a work out just wouldn’t be right without them.