The Perfect Night Out 💃


It doesn’t matter where you’re planning on heading, whether it’s London, Bristol, or even Dubai, nights out with your friends are stressful experiences. Last minute outfit decisions, combined with alcohol fuelled choices, equal to horrendous, bury your head under several duvets hangovers – all to do it again the following weekend.

 So the Coconut Crew are here to offer a step by step guide to a (near) perfect night out. We aren’t promising miracles, but hopefully this might make you think twice before you start on the tequila at 8pm.


7pm: Bathe

Whether you’re a shower or a bath kind of girl, a bath is definitely recommended before your night out, this is to get you all relaxed and warm, feeling and smelling generally fab. Copious amounts of bubbles are also recommended.


8pm: Tan

Always say yes to fake tan. When subtly and carefully applied it can make you feel like you’ve transformed from a crab into a glowing goddess. It is also the one time of the week when it’s perfectly okay to make your whole body an entire new shade (within reason), so live it!


8:30pm: Clothes

If in doubt, wear black. An LBD will never let you down.


9pm: Clutch

Makeup – Always bring makeup with you, you may look fine leaving the house, but chances are you won’t look like that in three hours. Basic ‘top up’ makeup keeps you looking great.  

Card – You should always bring your card out for safety precautions, but try very hard to remember you’re not Paris Hilton when you’re ordering.

Straws – Okay it sounds silly, but bring a few straws with you. Sipping out of the glass in clubs always ends up ruining your lipstick, and the amount of times we’ve all been pushed when taking a sip… Not pretty.

Prepare - Pre pack your bag about an hour before you leave. Don’t be that girl who waits for her taxi to arrive to then realize she can’t find her ID.


10pm: Pre drinks

Never get carried away during pre drinks. Yes you’re saving money, but chances are, you’re going to spend just as much on alcohol in the bar once you’re crazy drunk anyway, so you might as well hold back on your pre drinking to save any shame that may occur. No one likes sloppy drunk, don’t be that girl.


11:30pm: Cocktails

It’s cocktails all round when you first arrive in the bar or club. Just remember that however amazing they may taste, piña coladas contain A LOT of rum.


1am: Toilet

Try to limit your trips to the ladies. There are many times we’ve all probably woke up only remembering spending the whole night in the toilet, making best friends that we’ll never see again.


2am: Texts

As much as we like to say we don’t ‘drunk text’ anymore, we all still do. So please refrain from drunk texting, you don’t miss your ex boyfriend from Primary School. As a little tip, remember to count to five every time you get your phone out. It’s very likely your drunk brain will move on to something else.


10am: Coffee

Your day should start with coffee. Very strong - Starbucks would be preferable - and lots of water. Remember McDonalds is always a good idea at the time, but it never really helps you in the long run!


11am – Shower

Shower the hangover away. The longer you leave it until you have a shower, the worse your hangover gets.


12pm – Laugh

Hopefully by this hour you should be in the right emotional state to laugh about the night before, without having to cringe too badly. And if you do find yourself cringing? Don’t beat yourself up, if Britney can survive 2007 you can survive this.