Our Top Christmas Rom Coms 🎄


We’ve started to see the appearance of Christmas movies on our TV Guides. Here at Coconut Lane we love a soppy rom-com to indulge in on a cold winter evening. Here are our top picks!

Love Actually

An all-time favourite featuring an all-star cast, this really is the perfect mixture of romance, comedy and festive feel- goodness! With an array of intertwining stories, we experience the ultimate emotional rollercoaster with plenty of laughs along the way. We think director Richard Curtis does a great job portraying the trials and tribulations of relationships in a clever and entertaining fashion and of course, we all love those happy endings!

This is a charming film that we can watch over and over, it’s guaranteed to make us smile and sob every time!

 The Holiday

 After suffering the pain of a break up what better way to get over it than to temporarily move to a different continent in an attempt to revitalise your life. Then of course meet Mr. Right along the way and live happily ever after. Sounds fantastic! This is the premise for ‘The Holiday’, starring British favourite Kate Winslet and the brilliant Cameron Diaz. This is a touching tale about overcoming heartache, taking a chance and experiencing new things. Iris (Winslet) is besotted with her boss and is a victim of unrequited love. Amanda (Diaz) finds her boyfriend has been having an affair with his secretary.

With this they decide to partake in a house exchange. Iris finds herself in a swanky mansion in the Californian sunshine and Amanda in a cosy cottage in the English countryside. We see their lives change dramatically and may we add, for the better!

 Bridget Jones’s Diary

Now this is a film we absolutely adore! It features some of the most memorable moments that we love to relive again and again. The opening sequence where we see a drunken Bridget miming to ‘All by myself’, the Christmas jumper moment, those BIG pants, the bunny costume and who can forget that hysterical fight!  This truly is a humorous, dramatic and fantastic portrayal of British fiction. We love experiencing the ups and downs of Bridget’s life as we root for her to find happiness. We’re so pleased for Bridget and the dashing Mr Darcy at the end! What better way to seal the deal than a smooch in the snow in your tiger-skin print pants!

 New Year’s Eve

 This film just makes us want to spend the last night of the year at Times Square in New York with the bright lights, huge excitement and inevitable romance. We love this film with its star studded cast who take us on their individual journeys on the build up to the big night. We think it’s easy watching entertainment that has its fair share of cheese. And with the delights of Ashton Kutcher and Zak Efron what more could we want?