Coconut Crew December Essentials 🎄🙋

Now that Christmas is upon us, there a few essentials that the Coconut Crew have decided are absolute must haves for December...


With the month of December comes the acceptance of practically living in our pyjamas... and we couldn't be happier about it! We've been loving the pyjama range from Boux Avenue that includes all kinds of loungewear from cute Christmas onesies to luxury lacy numbers.

Barry M - Gelly Glitter Polish

Remember the pain of using half a bottle of nail polish remover to get rid of that glittery nail polish? Well, those days are long gone girls! Introducing Barry M's Gelly glitter range (yaaaay!). The new range makes sparkly Christmas nails an absolute breeze with some very festive colours. 

Benefit - Licence to Blot

We all know the pain of perfectly applying a full face of makeup only to to step outside and it have it ruined with gale force winds and lashings of rain... well, Benefit saves the day again! The Licence to Blot stick is the perfect primer that's beyond easy to apply and stops that makeup budging... Thank you to the Benefit Gods!

Christmas Candles

With two of our favourite things being Christmas and candles, Christmas scented Candles make for one very happy Coconut Crew! The Yankee Candle Tea Lights are perfect for experimenting with different scents which makes the perfect excuse to try the whole Christmas range... strictly for market research, of course.

Christmas Jumpers

It's not Christmas until you've worn a jumper that looks like it could have once belonged to an elf. It's become tradition to spend the festive season in knitwear decorated with santa, sleigh bells and every colour of glitter that ever did exist, and this year New Look have some cute chrimbo jumpers that we love! And don't forget to take part in the Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day and raise money for some great causes!

Mark Hill - Wicked Waver

With it now officially being the party season, it's time to step up the hair game... and the bigger, bouncier and curlier the better! The Mark Hill Wicked Waver is the perfect tool to create those effortless tousled waves without having to spend hours fussing over your hair. It's the perfect party look and for just £25, it's an absolute bargain in our eyes!


It goes unsaid that your Christmas party outfit is likely to be a little more sparklier than that your usual night out dress, but after all it wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't look like a human glitter ball at least once! However, make sure you keep your jewellery simple if you're planning on wearing a jazzy little number. Here at Coconut Lane we have some beautiful rings that are simple yet still fabulous - and for 20% off use our code BLOG20! Check them out here. 

Advent Calendar

Trust us when we say, you are NEVER too old for an advent calendar. And nowadays there's a calendar to suit everybody. Whether you fancy a scented candle calendar, a beauty calendar or just your traditional old choccie countdown, get yourself to the shop and don't miss out... when else are you encouraged to each chocolate every day for a month?!

So stock up on our essentials, and you'll be more than prepared for the pyjama-wearing, hair-curling, glitterazi month that is December!