Glam up Your Desk 💻💗

Our desk is a small space that knows us better than our friends do. It’s where we multitask shoving in salad whilst writing emails, and it’s the place we cry on whilst restraining to throw our mac out the window. It’s also where we endure late night deadlines, and it’s likely to be the getting ready destination before a work night out. For the Coconut Crew - Our desk should be our haven.

So there is no need to feel controlled by how you think an office should look. Just because you need to meet deadlines, it doesn’t mean your desk can’t look chic and fun. Create desk envy with these simple ideas:

1. Lights – A dash of light is perfect for brightening up your workspace and adding sparkle, giving you the creative boost you may need. This Clip Lamp from is very chic and stylish. Coming in silver and gold, it is both adorable and convenient. 

2.  Stationery holders – Never make the mistake of placing your pens in traditional stationery holders, they’re dull and far too uninspiring! Use your imagination with a mini vase, it’ll keep your desk clean and organised, whilst adding a touch of style to your workspace. This Porcelain vase from is an instant charm to any setting. The pretty pattern is smooth and chic and a perfect size for your favourite pens.

3. Desk Art -  There is no better way to keep you working on until Friday than some inspirational words. Why not check out our range of Sassy and chic wall/desk art - sure to insert some fun and style in to the office!

Photo: @phasesofrobyn

Photo: @phasesofrobyn

4.  Memos – Whilst post-it notes are GREAT, they do have the danger of making your desk look cluttered. Be slightly alternative with this seriously cute memo Elephant named Eric. From Urban Outfitters, the external ceramic allows you to simply jot down your reminders, which you can then wipe clean with a cloth! Not only is Eric incredibly helpful, he’s also very chic, shiny and adorable! 

5.   Stationery – Quirky stationery is a fabulous and subtle way to glam up your desk. Check out the stationery tackle box from Kate Spade New York. Including everything from bow tie paper clips to striped tape, this cute and feminine set is sure to brighten up not only your desk, but also your day. 

So make sure you glam up your desk... with these top tricks there's no need to feel down heading to work on a Monday morning!