How To: Make Christmas Personal 🙋🎅

The tree is up, the lights are on and it's safe to say The Coconut Crew are well and truly ready for Christmas! But read below to see how we've made our Christmas decorations super personal this year, for that extra special Christmas touch...

Personalised Baubles

If you're not one for arts and crafts, buy some personalised baubles to add a personal touch to your tree this year! Whether it's baby's first christmas, your first year as Mr & Mrs, or maybe it's your first christmas without someone special. Either way, add photos or text to a bauble or a ceramic figure and hang them for everyone to see.

Christmas Prints

This year, we've fallen head over heels for personalised Christmas prints (you all know how much we love some wall art!). This adorable 'Christmas Traditions' print looks fab, as well as being sentimental to the whole family... not to mention, it'd make a great early Christmas pressie!


Stockings are one of our fave Christmas tradition, but this year we've gone a step further and made them real cute by adding our names... that way, there'll be no mistaking who all those fab presents really belong to!

Santa Sacks

Santa sacks make a great alternative to stockings! Add a name or even Santa's delivery address and make it a magical treat for little ones to get excited over as they wait to see it filled with presents on Christmas morning!

Snow Globes

Snow globes make a discrete but sentimental way to remember someone you love over the holidays. Insert your favourite picture and give it a good shake as the snow storm whirls to life in a Christmassy fashion. Tuck this cute little reminder away or display it on a shelf, but remember that someone dear to you will still be with you over Christmas.

Advent Calendars

There's no need to stay traditional with chocolate... create your own advent calendar! Whether it's mini bottles of your favourite alcoholic drinks, or your favourite beauty products... anything goes! And if you're a little late to start, why not create one for the twelve days of Christmas?

So, get creative and make the most of Christmas!