Throw Your Own Christmas Party 💃🎄

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You know what’s overrated? Going on a night out in December. From the hassle of wearing a coat you’ll inevitably spend half an hour waiting to put in the cloak room, to the extortionate prices of tickets to top ‘Christmas’ club nights, they just don’t seem to be worth it. To avoid being lame (although we don’t really consider watching Netflix in your onesie on a Friday night lame) why not through your own festive shindig!? Have a read below for our guide to throwing a great, stress free Christmas party on the cheap that your guests are sure to remember better than a drunken night on a sticky dancefloor.

Guest List And Invites

Decide on a date - Friday’s are probably the best as they offer a chance for people to unwind after work, with two whole full days to recover. Now, deciding who to put on the guest list doesn’t have to be a matter of culling the people you know down to an elite group. Invite a bunch from work, a bunch of friends and maybe chuck in a few family there. Obviously there will be some people you really want there, and don’t feel bad about not inviting someone you really don’t. In this day and age, the best form of invitation is probably creating a Facebook event, but if you’re feeling a bit more original (and have some time on your hands) you could even hand make some and send them out in the post.


There is no shame in asking your guests to bring a bottle to the party to ensure the alcohol is in good supply, but make sure you have some tasty cocktails to get the fun started. Why not check out our guide to the best winter cocktail recipes, or mix Prosecco with a raspberry liquer or rose syrup for a classy looking drink to hand out as guests arrive. Another great idea is to cook up a big batch of mulled wine to be ladled into glasses to get into the Christmas vibe. Whatever you do, make sure you have enough glasses! Plastic one may not be the most aesthetically or environmentally friendly, but they sure do the job and can simply be thrown away after use.


The amount, and type, of food you serve depends entirely on the party atmosphere. We recommend a few plates or cake-stand of snacks on a table in the main party room. Lay out a few bowls of crisps and nuts, in addition to a selection of canapes. As its a Christmas party, why not make some mini pigs in blankets, smoked salmon blinis and mince pies for guests to nibble on - make sure there is an ample supply of napkins!


Time to deck the halls! Go all out, it is Christmas after all! Buy decorations such as tinsel in bulk from your local pound shop, or try your hand at making your own wreath for your front door. For some more vintage looking decorations, pop some tea lights in empty yoghurt jars or jam pots, and string some fairy lights around windows. If you have space, definitely invest in a Christmas tree. Even if it is just a small one, opt for a real one for that authentic Christmastime smell. Finish the look off with some branches of mistletoe tied up with ribbon to up the romance!


You’re throwing a Christmas party, so you’ll need a Christmas playlist. Spotify has loads you can choose from, or make your own by combining some of the Christmas classics with some chart topping hits and popular songs. Who said you couldn’t have Justin Bieber and a bit of Mariah on the same playlist!?

Finishing touches

If you have a garden, drape some fairy lights in trees and bushes. Pop a festive scented candle in toilet. Dim the lights, put on your sparkliest dress and get the party started!