How To: Survive the Office Christmas Party 💻🎄

Christmas is approaching, and so is the annual festive event of the year – the office Christmas party! Whether you’re a Bah Humbug or a Christmas enthusiast, this can often be a nervy event. We don’t want to get as drunk as last year, and we’re terrified we’ll do a Bridgett Jones like speech… So to avoid humiliation, here are some tips to make your party a night to remember! And for the right reasons this time.

1. Alcohol

Find the right balance between being the fun girl, but also being ‘sophisticatedly sassy drunk’. Yes it may be a free bar, but remember your drink no no’s – There’s a reason why you don’t drink red wine!

Two words. Pace yourself. Every Christmas party surrounded by work colleagues can be awkward at first, but there’s no point being the life and soul of the party at 7.30pm and vomiting uncontrollably in the toilets by 9pm!

2. Office politics

Try hard to remember your office etiquette at all times, and don’t bitch about moody Susan from HR! It will not go down well!

3. Social media

Leave social media alone for the night! A photo of you and Jane from admin flashing your bra can only lead to some awkward conversations Monday morning…

4. Mistletoe

To save you from wanting to hand your notice in come January, refrain from kissing the office creep! Just. Don’t.

5. Be jolly

Show your colleagues the real you! It can be hard to come out of your shell in work, so this is your chance to potentially meet new people and make friends. (Just don’t get too comfortable and do your dodgy signature dance move).

6.Look amazing

Obviously you have to show your colleagues that when you’re outside of work you’re a flawless goddess. This night will go down in history as the night you were officially named the hottest person at work! The better you’ll feel, the better your night will be.

Feel ready to hit the Christmas party now?! Remember these tips and you’ll survive the night perfectly. Merry Christmas! Love the Coconut crew x