How To: Make New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep 💪


Ah yes, its that time again - the start of a new year. The drunkenness and overeating of the past month is completely forgotten and the slate is clean. Everyone vows to run 15 miles a day, stop eating sugar, spend less, pursue their dreams and generally be the jolliest, cheeriest version of themselves they can possibly be. This is all very well and good, until halfway through January when your running shoes have gone missing and you’ve spent half your monthly wages on a new bag. Luckily the Coconut Crew in on hand to help, with some helpful tips for making resolutions to stick to.


One At A Time

Completely uphauling your current lifestyle is going to be difficult. If you’ve set yourself more than one resolution, don’t try doing them all at once, or you’re bound to fail and be disappointed. If you’re planning on changing your diet, do that for a few months, before moving on to the next thing. Remember, a resolution is meant to last a lifetime and you only have so much strength, so don’t rush it!

Small Steps

Now, you’re not going to become an Olympic athlete overnight, so give it time and let yourself progress one step at a time. For example, if your resolution is to go running more, start off with a half hour jog two times a week, before upping the duration and frequency a month later. Within a few months, you’ll be able to run for long periods of time nearly every day with ease. If you go in too hard and fast, you may feel too worn out to continue with your resolution.

Seek Help

With some changes it may be best to speak to a professional. For example, if you're planning on quitting smoking you can sign up to the NHS’ Smokefree support service, or visit your GP for advice. Help doesn’t always have to be with a professional - try opening up to your friends or family and you may receive some advice you hadn’t previously thought about, or see things in a different light.

Make A Plan

It’s all well and good saying you’re going to lose a stone in two months, or that you’ll spend more time with your loved ones, but how will you actually go about it? Make a diet plan, including a healthy shopping list for the week, and schedule in times to go to the gym, or arrange definite a time to meet up with friends and family. This is most applicable for those wanting to get healthier or exercise more - there are endless meal and exercise plans online to help you get started.

Get Started

Want to go travelling? Book tickets, take time off work and go! Want to take up a new hobby? Research local classes and sign up! Want to get fit? What are you doing reading this - go for a quick jog! The longer you procrastinate, the more you’ll doubt your resolution and find reasons not to do it.

Reward Yourself

Remind yourself of what you have achieved with small treats. Allow yourself that bowl of ice cream if you’ve stuck to your gym routine this week, or buy that pair of shoes you’ve wanted for ages if you’ve managed to save up a lot. Everything in moderation!