Top Tips for a Cosy Home ☕️

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Forget going out - December is all about staying in. Let's face it, no one wants to spend the cold winter nights in a dingy, unloved house wishing they were somewhere else. You want your home to be somewhere you can relax, get cosy and warm and soothe your aching limbs after a tiring day. Whether your dreary uni accommodation in need of some love, or your shared house needs a bit of a revamp, have a read below at our simple tips to make your home that bit more appealing to go back to.

Cushions and Blankets

Who doesn’t love a good soft furnishing? Even a cheap, rock hard university living room sofas can be improved with some simple additions. They don’t have to be expensive either - this awesome stag cushion is just £10 from Tesco and will have you feeling like you live in a country manor in no time. Throw a soft, cosy blanket over the arm of the sofa and you’ll have a haven you won’t want to leave!

Wall Art

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Add some wall decorations to avoid big stretches of bare wall that make a room seem empty and plain. Why not try choosing some of your favourite photos and printing them in different sizes, then framing them with quirky frames and creating a cluster of pictures. Mix up some of the photos with cheap prints of artwork and cool wall art like the awesome ones in our range


Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Too bright and it’ll feel like you’re sitting in an operating theatre, too dim and you won’t be able to see where you put your cup of tea. We’re a fan of a few lights dotted around the room - try adding fairy lights around windows for a more christmassy look, and a lamp or two in room corners. For a vintage look, why not check out these retro fairy lights from Next that would look great hanging over a mirror or twisted around curtains.


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There is no better feeling than sinking your cold, tired feet into the soft of a fluffy rug. Ikea are indisputably the king of rugs and have options for every room. For smaller rooms, why not add a sheepskin rug by your bedside to help ease you into those early morning starts. Have a look at the one below, just £30 from Ikea.

Bits and Bobs

Now, we’re not saying to go overboard on ceramic dog ornaments or antique plates like you’d find at your grandma's house, but a few nicely picked items can really add something to a room, especially if they serve a use. Think candles, pots and jars for storing pens and jewellery. Tiger is a great place to start looking as they offer unusual, quirky items at poundland prices. This cute embroidered box, for example, is only £3 and would be great for storing any jewellery you have lying around. For more unique items, head down to your local market and look out for charming boxes that can be used for storage, or antique tiles that could double up as coasters.