Our Best and Worst Christmas Songs 🙈🎄

There’s no escaping those Christmas pop songs we all hate to love and love to hate.

We have compiled a list of the best and the worst of them. From the festive feel good tunes to the songs that physically hurt our ears, from the classics to the cringe and the catchy to the corny.  Here’s the good, the bad and the damn right terrible.

The Classics

Slade – ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’

This the ultimate tune to get you feeling festive. We think it’s the perfect song to sing along to after a few mulled wines.  

Wizard – ‘I wish it could be Christmas Everyday’

The tune is catchy enough but the concept is all wrong but who needs to take the lyrics too seriously?

Mariah Carey- ‘All I want for Christmas is you’

We’re going to call this an anthem because it’s simply incredible. Our attempts to hit the high notes are excruciatingly painful but that won’t stop us.

The Pogues featuring  Kirsty MacColl – ‘Fairy-tale of New York’

From the slow dreary piano start whoever thought you’d be belting out the words ‘scumbag’ ‘maggot’ not to mention ‘you cheap lousy faggot’ during. This is a dramatic song depicting a story of heartbreak in the Big Apple. When we hear this song we think of the word ‘journey’. Yes we went there.

The ones we love to hate…

Cheeky Girls – ‘Have a Cheeky Christmas’

This truly is terrible, that is all.

Mr Blobby – ‘Mr Blobby’

Need we say anymore? However, if you are a fan of the pink and yellow character you’ll be familiar with the classic that is ‘Christmas in Blobbyland’ which is truly a delight to the ears.

Bob the Builder –‘Can we fix it? ‘

Unfortunately, we can’t fix the fact that this song made it into the UK singles Charts.

The ones we hate to love…

East 17 – ‘Stay another Day’

The harmonies are simply memorising. It’s just awfully brilliant.

Chris Rea – ‘Driving Home For Christmas’

The perfect song to cruise in the car to, it’s cheery, chirpy and has the right amount of cheese.

Wham –‘Last Christmas’

It’s time to get deep with George Michael. We think his heartfelt lyrics sung to a catchy tune are a winning combination.

So that concludes our list of Crimbo classics and festive flops. What's on your playlist this year?