January Survival Kit 👏💪


With the Christmas decorations gone, and the endless supply of chocolate having been demolished, it's safe to say that sometimes January feels like it lasts foreverrrr. But the Coconut Crew have a survival kit to get us through the dreaded month, and we're going to share it with you lovely people...

1. Endless DVDs

The rain and cold was totally bearable with Christmas to look forward to, but now it's just making it ten times harder to face leaving our bed in the morning. Forget hours of hair curling and fake tanning, and host a movie marathon instead. 

2. Cosy Pyjamas

Following the Christmas pig-out, we've taken on a resemblance to Regina George as we sit in our pyjamas and mumble 'pyajamas are all that fits me right now', but we're allowed a free pass from the gym in January so grab your favourite onesie and get cosy!

3. Home Cooked Food

After eating selection boxes for breakfast, Quality streets for lunch and turkey sandwiches for Dinner it's time to get back to eating properly and nothing beats a good home cooked meal. Spend a Sunday preparing enough of your favourite home cooked meals to last the week and when it's time for Dinner simply re-heat and enjoy!

4. Something To Look Forward To

Unless you have your birthday this month, January tends to be the Monday of the months. So, we say let's change that! Whether it's a night out or a week away, book something exciting in January and not only will the month whizz by, but you'll have started off the year with some fab memories!

5. A New Hobby

Throw yourself into the new year with a brand new hobby to keep yourself occupied. Whether it's to learn how to knit or maybe reading some new books... stock up on supplies and you'll be so busy learning that January will fly by!

Take note of our DIY survival kit, and the sunshine will be here before you know it!