Life hacks for the at-home work out 💪🏃

Already feeling jaded by the plethora of health and fitness articles and advertisements?  If I see one more advert for weight loss, a diet plan or fad exercise regime I’ll scream! Even my favourite weekly booze column this week was about hang over cures instead of actual drinks (saying that, one of their cures was a cocktail appropriately named the ‘corpse reviver’). Despite my annoyance at the January enforced health kick, I too am determined to shake that post-Christmas sluggishness and unwanted wobble. I am however also on a budget. To crank up my fitness regime and look after my purse strings I purchased a range of exercise DVDs (all very cheap on Amazon) and subscribed to a few Youtube fitness channels. I’ve yet to see results of my work outs but I do have a few tips to save on embarrassment and injury for anyone else who is embarking on the cheaper-than-chips route.

1.                   Avoiding awkward moments

Warn housemates/parents/friends/partners what you’re doing in the living room and to not enter - no one wants to be caught doing the downward dog in their old leggings with a hole in the crotch. Come on, who needs sexy gym gear when you’re working out in your living room?

2.                   Pull the curtains in your front room

The postman, the UPS guy, the milkman and Ocado employees might not mind seeing you bopping about in your lycra but I’m sure you do. Be aware of angles and what can be seen from the road.

3.                   Staying Motivated

Stare in the mirror for five minutes and repeat ‘ I am a fat, useless lump and need to get in my arse in gear’… I’m totally kidding!  Everyone struggles with motivating themselves and it is even harder when you are by yourself.  Half the battle though is getting your gym gear on. Once your there make your workout area a designated and pleasant environment, hoover or sweep the floor if you’re going to be on the ground. There is nothing worse than doing a push up into a crusty carpet. If you’re really struggling, download a few exercises to follow, put on your favourite bit of telly and just work out in front of the box.

4.                   Be aware of furniture, sharp corners and any object which could severely bruise

You may think you have enough space for your work out, but until you are in full yoga pose with legs straddled it may be too late. As you whip your foot back and give yourself the stubbed toe of the century! I currently have an enormous bruise on my shin from a table leg the last time I was doing some Pilates in the kitchen.

5.                   Dress for the occasion

I have done yoga in my pyjamas a few times but I think it may be more beneficial to fully commit to the work out and actually put your pants on. Also, answering the door to an unexpected caller is a lot less embarrassing when you’re wearing gym gear and not horrific lounging clothes which are strictly, only for the house.