January Reads from the Coconut Crew

january reads.jpg

It might almost be February but we're still depressed that Christmas is over, and that all we're left with is horrible weather, the quality streets that no body likes and zero motivation... so what better way to forget our own problems, than by picking up a good book and forgetting the world?! Here are our fave reads for January...


The Mob Boss Series - Michelle St. James

When New York Mobster, Nico Vitale, kidnaps his enemies daughter, he never would have predicted that he'd up falling in love with her. But what's more important, his new relationship with Angel, or getting revenge on her father for killing his parents? This brand new series will have you on edge for hours as you read the twists in Nico and Angels complicated lives.

Famous - Kahlen Aymes

World famous actor Caden Carlisle has fallen hard for his co-star Brooklyn Hollway, even if she does have a boyfriend. But when Brooklyn realises her feelings for Caden, her boyfriend isn't the only problem they face in a world full of paparazzi and press.

I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh

Following the tragic death of her five year old son, Jenna Gray moves to the Welsh coast to begin a new life, but she is haunted by the events that changed her life forever. As Jenna begins to get a glimpse at happiness again, her past begins to creep up on her and as it begins to unravel, Jenna's life changes once again.

The Hired Bride - Noelle Adams

After months of Deanna's grandmother's desperate attempts to marry her off to a rich man to help save their dilapidated family house, Deanna finally agrees. But when Mitchell Graves snaps up Deanna thinking she'll be quiet and tame... he couldn't be more wrong, and their marriage of convenience suddenly means so much more.

So get reading girls, and summer will be here before we know it!