10 things that are 10 years old

So, 2006 seems like only yesterday but a decade on and here's a few things that are celebrating ten years of existence...

1. Rihanna - SOS

yep, THAT song is now officially ten years old. The song that was the soundtrack to every girl getting her heartbroken in the year of '06, but here's to Rihanna for getting us all through the hard times.

2. Final Destination 3

The film that scared us all from riding roller coasters, using sun beds, attending firework displays... and pretty much everything in life, but we totally pretended like we didn't care when this film made an appearance at every sleepover.

3. LG Chocolate

The phone that was practically a brick served us well back then. You were totally cool for having an all touch screen phone and bonus savvy points for using the stylus that came with - because we were SO sophisticated. 

4. Twitter

The holy grail of social media has turned ten! Although, back in 2006 we were more than likely still spending hours writing out html codes for our myspace page... If only we knew.

5. The Hills

The reality show of all reality shows. MTV became our new fave channel as we obsessed over Lauren Conrad and tutted at Audrina every time she went back to Justin Bobby... so not cool.

6. Nintendo Wii

Because who didn't want the fun of playing every sport under the sun from the comfort of their own home? Until the controller went flying through the TV screen, that was.

7. The Trend Of The Chunky Belt

2006 was the year that wearing a belt with EVERY outfit was acceptable... Dresses, shirts, t-shirts, you name it and we wore it... and of course, the chunkier the belt, the better.

8. Britney Spears and K-Fed Split

We scoured every page of gossip girl and mizz to get all the deets on the latest celebrity scandal. 

9. The Death Of Steve Irwin

None of us could quite believe it when the great crocodile hunter was struck by a sting ray and passed away... and no one has quite lived up to his reputation in the years since his departure. 

10. A PG Miley Cyrus

Although now a distant memory, 2006 gave us the typical Disney fresh faced Miley Cyrus as she played her role of Hannah Montana... oh, what a difference ten years makes!

Here's to the next ten years!