New Year, New You πŸ’


Happy New Year!

So 2015 flashed before our eyes, and now a whole new year is at our feet and this year is the year of the Sweet Sixteen. With the new year comes the very cliche 'New Year, New Me' but why not make the most of a fresh mindset and think about the small changes you can make to make 2016 your best year yet! 

1. Organisation

The thought of a whole new year can be somewhat daunting at times, but grab yourself a planner or calendar and write down any plans - no matter how big or small - so that you can focus on anything exciting you have planned, instead of how many shifts you have left 'til payday. 

2. Make Plans

Give yourself plenty to look forward to in order to help motivate yourself throughout the year. Always wanted to visit Amsterdam? Well, now is the time to spend hours browsing air bnb and get booking!

3. Try New Things

Bungee Jump? Speaking French? Pilates Class? Now is the time to try those things you always say 'I'd like to do try that one day' about. Push yourself out of your comfort zone little by little, and you never know what you might discover.

4. Stay Motivated

Starting that New Year diet can become a little tedious after the first week of eating nothing but green tea and rice cakes, but if it's a goal you really want to achieve then keep yourself motivated. Keep your summer holiday location as a desktop background to motivate that bikini bod or visit the local car garage to check out that car you're saving for.

5. Be Realistic

Don't be too strict on yourself. If your New Years resolution was to join a gym and going every other day is too much for you - then cut it down a little. The whole idea of switching things up in the new year is to benefit you, so if you're struggling, adjust your targets and goals so they're a little more realistic. 

6. Be Happy

Draw a line under anything bad that happened in the previous year and give yourself a new start. Change career, go to university, move to another country, do whatever makes YOU happy.

Make every minute of the year count, and get that fresh start that you deserve.