The Coconut Crew Celebrity Couple Awards

It's officially February and with the big V Day fast approaching we decided that there's no better time to reflect on our absolute fave celebrity couples. Whether you've got a secret obsession for Zayn and Gigi or hold a candle for old time romantics, Victoria and David - we're sure you'll love our Celeb Awards!

1. Channing & Jenna - The Cute Award. 

If you love Channing as much as we do then you'll know that no one is quite good enough for our Magic Mike. Except Jenna, of course. Effortlessly stunning and seriously cute, we love Jenna and Channing's laid back relationship.

2. Victoria & David - The Family Award.

Perhaps the coolest mum and dad to EVER exist - Victoria and David. Family comes first in the Beckham household with 3 protective brothers and adorable little Harper to complete the brood. Whether it's an ice cream in the park with David, or a fashion show with Victoria - the Beckham crew are always pictured out and about with their parents.

Screenshot 2016-02-01 14.45.25.png

3. Zayn & Gigi - The Cool Award.

So we all hated Zayn when he left our girl Perrie heatbroken but it looks as if she's moving on and we can finally be happy for Zayn and new gal Gigi. There's no cooler couple than the elusive Mr Malik and the super hot Miss Hadid - just check out his Pillow Talk vid for proof! 

4. Steph & Jeremy - The Controversial Award

Ok, ok... we know the circumstances in the CBB house were not great and of course we NEVER condone cheating and think Steph made a LOT of mistakes... But it's gotta be said we think they are pretty cute (sorry Sam!)

5. Kim & Kanye - The Icon Award

We might not like to admit it, but Kim and Kanye are our relationship icons. Take Kanye for example... With more than 18.1 MILLION followers on Twitter - what speaks devotion more than only following one of them back? Kim (of course!). #romantic

6. Sue & Anna - The Joker Award. 

We've all got a soft spot for the lovely Sue Perkins from The Great British Bake Off - that endless smile and infectious laugh. So who could be more of a perfect match than Anna - one of our fave presenters (who remembers the Sex Education Show?)

7. Kimberely & Justin - The Newlywed Award.

Our fave pop couple have been going strong for fourteen years and have finally tied the knot with a top-notch celeb ceremony in Barbados! The Strict photography ban means that photos of the ceremony itself are pretty hard to come by but that doesn't stop us constantly googling pics of our fave Girls Aloud girl and her adorable family. 

8. Blake & Ryan - The Flawless Award. 

What more can we say? These two are the absolute ultimate in terms of their flawless movie-star looks. We can't wait to see how baby James turns out when she grows up! 

Screenshot 2016-02-01 14.22.43.png

9. Beyoncé & Jay-Z - The Power Award. 

Queen B and Jay-Z... the true power couple. They've build their empires together and are ruling over us all. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

10. Eamon & Ruth - The Grown-up Award.   

They may be older than all of our other celeb couples, but Eamon and Ruth have true love on their side. This Morning wouldn't be the same without their bickering and flirtatious jokes. For all you singletons, may this couple give us all hope!

Screenshot 2016-02-01 14.17.50.png