Because we all love a bit of J-Law!

J-Law is quickly becoming an world renown actress, and despite her kinda brash character of Katniss Everdeen, she couldn't be more different in real life. Here's why we love her...

1. She's Katniss Everdeen...Need we say more?!

2. She's part of that Selfie, and while we're a huge fan of the selfie, J-Law tops us all with her A-List snap.

3. Like us, she trips up stairs... only her stumble was at the Oscars and she recovered like an absolute champ.

4. Blonde, Brunette, long or short... her hair looks fab no matter what she does to it.


5. Despite being a world famous, oscar-winning actress, she still gets starstruck when she meets celebrities.

6. She says things like “'I hate saying 'I like exercising'. I want to punch people who say that.” Amen to that, sister!

7. She's BFFs with Amy Schumer... squad goals much?!

8. Spend hours watching youtube vids of her interviews and you'll soon realise she's just as goofy as us.

9. She has quite the resume when it comes to on-screen kissing partners... Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutchison, Bradley Cooper. We're practically green with envy.

10. She comforted a hysterical fan at the Catching Fire Premier... Over here, Jen! We need a hug, too!

11. Her style is on point. Seriously, google her red carpet outfits and you'll be wishing you had her wardrobe, too.

12. She's just so normal. Despite being surrounded by celebs 24/7, one of Jens best friends is her childhood friend and neighbour, Andy who has become her no.1 fan.

Keep up the good work J-Law... we love ya!