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Beauty hacks? Look no further than your house

So, the magnetic Kim Kardash makes headlines again by posting a very revealing Instagram pic of herself wearing nothing more than duct tape to hold up her cleavage. Of course, she looks incredible, and a nation of female followers have now been made aware of Kim’s trick and will set out to copy it – using duct tape as a strapless bra = instant boob lift! 

Kim is perhaps the ultimate girl-with-sass as she pays meticulous attention to detail and is always on point from head to toe. She is incredibly informed on makeup and the world of beauty;  what with having access to the top people in the business and millions in the bank. Yet, with all of this knowledge, like any beauty obsessive, she knows that some of the best tips are some of the simplest and least expensive. (For example, she recently revealed that she pushes the time between hair washes to five days).

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Now, this picture of Kim has led me to thinking about my own personal beauty routines and what I have learnt over the years. Sure, like Kim, I’ve probably tried every high-end brand that there is and have developed my established favourites. However, it can’t be denied that it is useful to know and sometimes even better to use some of the items that can be found inside our homes. So inspired by Kim, I’ve listed ten quick tips. After all, a sassy girl always has to have her eyes peeled for the latest beauty fix…

1. Tape. 

Okay, back on the subject of tape, Kim has already covered the strapless bra method. However, if you have any scotch or masking tape, these items can also serve another purpose. Ever messed up your liquid eyeliner? To create a perfect line, situate a strip of tape underneath the outer corner of your eye (careful not to tape over your eyelashes) draw with your liner, e voila! Perfect wings. It’s worth noting that post-it notes could also serve this purpose and may be less abrasive to the delicate under-eye skin. At a push, you can also use the edge of a bank card.

2. Hairdryer.

Such an obvious tip that can save a lot of time. If you’ve just gotten out of a bath or shower and you need the steam on your mirrors to disappear, a blast with the hairdryer and you’ll be able to see your face again.

3. Green Tea.

Now, I’ve never used this method myself, but I have a friend who swears by it: using green tea as a facial toner. We often use so many chemicals on our faces that could be doing more harm than good, and some that may actually make you more prone to break-outs. Maybe we need to go back to basics and more natural ingredients. Just don’t use the tea whilst it’s still boiling!

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

4. Deodorant.

A fashion-wise girl knows how to make the best of herself and on a night out that usually means wearing a killer pair of heels! You want to see and be seen. You want to carry yourself like a supermodel all night long. You DON’T want a painful blister ruining your night and your strut. Using deodorant on your feet before you go out will decrease sweating of the feet, in turn decreasing how much your feet rub against your shoes.

5. Olive Oil.

The mother of all DIY beauty tips. Incorporating olive oil into my weekly beauty regime has made me feel like an Earth goddess. You are probably aware of the benefits of using oil on the hair as a deep-conditioning treatment. You may even be aware of the benefits to drinking a spoonful of olive oil once a day: good for skin, hair and nails from the inside out. But, as a British woman who has lived in Italy, I swiftly discovered that olive oil is the answer to everything. In this case, you could also consider the idea of using olive oil in place of shaving cream. Silky smooth legs, and SO much better for your skin.

6. Cinnamon.

When Kylie Jenner’s lips blew up the internet last year, so many girls were rushing out to buy those little plastic lip enhancers. To my horror, one of my friends used the shot glass method (google it… or maybe not) and ended up with bruising around her mouth that made her look like Homer Simpson. For a less drastic way to boost your lips, look no further… than your spice rack. For years, on and off, I have used cinnamon as a lip plumper before applying a plumping gloss (Dior Lip Maximizer, £23.50). It just gives lips that extra zing. Be careful as there is such a thing as too much and it could leave you irritated; I suggest mixing with a little Vaseline.

Photo: WikiHow

Photo: WikiHow

7. Tissues.

Ever seen any pictures of models backstage at runway shows? Ever seen them with tissues clipped at the sides of their hair? Using tissues to clip your dried locks back whilst applying makeup will avoid unnecessary dents in your freshly-styled hair.

8. Spoons.

A confession… As a young teenager, like many, I was experimenting and finding my way with style and beauty. Once, after reading a beauty magazine, I decided to walk into a store to buy some cream for the booty area. It goes by the name of ‘Anusol’ and I had heard it was good for under-eye bags. At 13 I didn’t even have under-eye bags! Needless to say, I didn’t notice any difference. Nowadays, as a simple and effective way to soothe the eyes at the end of the day, I would rather leave some table spoons in the freezer overnight and hold them over my eyes. A tad less embarrassing.

9. Plasters.

For those of you who like to create unique nail designs and art, you could try using plasters with the little holes in them to create a quick polka dot effect. Simply place over a dry nail and paint over them.

10. Water bottles.

Beauty also means taking care of your body. There are always ways to tone up and stay in shape if you have missed your gym appointment. For example, whilst waiting for your food to cook, use that time in the kitchen to squat using 2-litre bottles as weights. So, there you have it. Getting beauty treatments done professionally is luxurious, and every girl deserves to be pampered. But when you know your body and you know what works for you, you may just find that the answers to what you’ve been looking for are a little closer to home.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Written by Alys.