What to eat to achieve those ultimate HAIR GOALS.

We all crave long luscious locks. You may even be so desperate that you find yourself spending a small fortune on hair pills or products that are "guaranteed to transform your hair." Let us tell you something - the condition of your hair is an outward sign of your inner health - so if you are not paying attention to your diet then you are just throwing your money down the drain! By incorporating these 5 foods into your diet regularly you will increase the supply of key nutrients to your hair, giving you terrific tresses! 

1. Salmon (or walnuts!). Super high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin B, salmon is a fantastic food for healthy hair! These nutrients are all essential for preventing your luscious locks from becoming dry and brittle. Get your daily dose of these uber healthy nutrients by eating two portions of oily fish, like salmon, per week. If you are not a fishy fan, then try munching on a handful of walnuts every day to get similar benefits! 

2. Oysters (or whole grains!). Whether these molluscs are really aphrodisiacs is still a matter of debate, but there is no question that oysters are a great source of zinc- an important mineral for cell renewal and repair- keeping your hair super healthy. I mean, who needs an aphrodisiac when your hair feels and looks so beautiful? Whole grains such as brown rice are a great vegetarian alternative to oysters as they are also super high in hair healthy zinc. 

3. Steak (or spinach!). Iron is an essential mineral for your hair, helping to keep the blood and nutrient supply to your hair follicles high. But, if your body has too little iron, then nutrients aren’t transported to your follicles as efficiently, slowing hair growth and causing hair loss. To prevent low iron levels, and get that long fored healthy hair, make sure to each red meat regularly because it contains loads of high bioavailable iron- which means that it is easily available to your body. For vegetarians, spinach or other leafy green vegetables are also good sources of iron. 

4. Eggs (or Swiss chard!). A healthy scalp is super important in terms of achieving shiny hair. Keeping your scalp health involves important nutrients like selenium, vitamin B and zinc. By eating eggs, which are high in these scalp healthy nutrients, as well as protein- the main component of your hair- you can help prevent a dry, flaky scalp and keep your hair looking and feeling great! Why not go make a tasty omelette for lunch? Swiss chard is a great vegetarian alternative. 

5. Lentils. A fantastic source of plant protein, as well as being high in zinc, biotin and iron, these legumes are brilliant for achieving healthy hair- helping to keep your hair follicles supplied with oxygen and nutrients. To prevent a lentil low, why not experiment with dishes like dhal and lentil loaf, or mix things up by eating a variety of beans. 

To conclude, although your locks are on the outside of your body, and seem to grow super slowly, if you make these 5 small changes to your diet, then you will achieve stronger, head turning hair in no time!

Thank you to The Fidget Foodie for this amazing insight into hair growth! #amazingggg