How to slay like Bey

We all love a bit of Queen B and let's be honest, we'd all love to live a day (or two, or three) in her shoes. One of our lovely Coconut Queens, Nic Nac has revealed her top tips on how to slay like the one and only Queen B. 

1. Have SASS.

You can show off your sass extremely well with the help from some rocking' shades - especially those ones on the coconut lane website that you've been eyeing up for weeks! Don't worry, you're not the only one...

2. Take notes.

Taking notes is a key way to remember all the ways of becoming as top notch Bae, Queen Bey! May I suggest using "The Sass Quote Collection" of notebooks to store all of your precious notes. After all, if you're gunna take notes then may as well so it in Queen B style.

Photo: @amerzxo

Photo: @amerzxo

3. Admiration. 

You must have a role model to look up to, and to show your role model that you care, you need to ADMIRE them! Of course the role model at Coconut Lane is Beyoncé and therefore we have to recommend the glam Beyoncé socks.

4. Wall motivation. 

Last but not least, to be a Queen you've gotta think like a Queen!! Stay motivated with this inspirational print from Coconut Lane's wall art collection. 

If you are now feeling like a Beyoncé fangirl, PERFECT! Now is your opportunity to go out and treat yourself to a bunch of gorgeous items. After all, what would Beyoncé do? SHOP!