Blogger Spotlight - June

Another month, another 5 gorgeous Coconut Queens in the Blogger Spotlight again! There's so many Coconut Queens that we have so much love for but these girls are just a taster of those who deserve a super special mention. We say keep doing what you're doing girls - and remember, Stay Sassy. 

Miss Sarah Cant

Cute, girly, gorgeous! We can't get enough of her amazing cocktails, yummy pancakes and on point dresses (*wardrobe envy*). And of course - we love those beaut pics of our Sassy Mac Case!! Follow her on insta (@sarah_cant)

Georgie Carman

Fashion Student Georgie's Instagram feed is a constant source of super chic inspo. Her style is sassy meets glam and her taste in shoes is just to die for. Think fashion inspo, flawless selfies and some serious motivational quotes. Get following her now! 

Cupcake Cotty

Cotty is one of the coolest Coconut Queens we know. Whether we're lusting over her rainbow hair or cooing over her adorable Frenchie we are officially obsessed. Oh and did we mention her adventures around the world are giving us continual #wanderlust? Get following now. 

Garbrielle Antonia

We're LOVING this girl's beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog. She's straight up and we love reading her thoughts on her latest beauty finds! We also have slight fashion envy of this blogger's gorgeous style (see image below *need we say anymore*).

Tahya Dionne

Tahya's tag line say's it all - Life is Beautiful. Sass and Self-Love - what more could you want from a blog? Her posts are detailed and impeccably written. She's got some serious words of wisdom to throw at you and her honestly is so inspiring - you'll know exactly what you mean when you read her latest post.