8 Ways to be a Total #GirlBoss

From Beyoncé and Oprah, to the Olsen twins and Kardashians - women all over the world are upping their game, and here at Coconut Lane, we’re uncovering the secrets to becoming the ultimate #GirlBoss. So, get ready for a LOT of clichés and wonder-woman wisdom because here is how to take control of your life in the sassiest way possible.

1. Get Kanye confident.

Girl Bosses believe in themselves, and are confident in what they have to offer the world. These gals know they are B-E- A-U- T, powerful and can do anything they set their minds to. Ain’t nobody got time for self-doubt. We might not like to admit it but the man himself does actually have a few words of wisdom that all us aspiring Girl Bosses should live by. 

‘Don’t be afraid to be wrong because you can’t learn anything from a compliment.’ - ta Kanye.

2. Surround yourself with inspiration from the BEST sources.

Someone once told us that you should follow the people whose jobs you want. We don’t mean stalking around Starbucks. More like stalking (in a less creepy way) on social media. So, if you want to work for Vogue, follow everyone from Alexa Chung, to the fashion intern. Girl Bosses know where they want to be and are 100% prepared to do whatever it takes to get there. Check out bad-ass babes like Mindy Kaling and Sophia Amorusa for the perfect Girl Boss inspo.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 18.00.14.png

3. NEVER stop learning.

There are teachers all around us, and any Girl Boss will never stop learning and building on their knowledge. They will get the most out of every opportunity - think knowledge and experience, over freebies and money. Try learning a new language or simply reading more – oh, and actually looking up the meaning of words you might just mumble over (guilty.) Unlike what school taught us, learning things can actually be fun.

4. Be prepared for to fail – it’s OK

With every success comes – multiple - failures. The important thing to remember is that a person can fail many times, but that doesn’t mean that they themselves are failures (philosophical, I know right.) It’s a vital and healthy part of your journey, and a Girl Boss will embrace failure with open arms. Failure, just try and stop em’.

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5. Be passionate.

Passion is the ultimate motivation for Girl Bosses. It can be a passion for influence, charity, or for what they do best. Regardless, it’s that passion that gives them that unique drive. It’s the passion that makes those failures seem a little less daunting and a LOT more worth it. Find your passion, and don’t let anyone stop you on your way to world domination.

6. Support all fellow Girl Bosses - #SquadGoals and all that jazz

A Girl Boss will swap feelings of jealousy and intimidation, for support and admiration. Another’s success is not proof that you as an individual are losing, but rather proof that it’s possible. Whoa, deep. Support your local Girl Gang. You’re all Queens.

7. Don’t forget to leave a little time for yourself.

A Girl Boss will always set aside time for herself. The key is to avoid any time being wasted, so make sure to do something you really enjoy and find therapeutic, whilst still feeling like a total babe. Whether it’s reading a good book with a cup of tea in one hand and cake in the other, hitting up an at-home spa break, or our personal fave, a bit of cheeky shopping - this time is a vital piece of the Girl Boss puzzle.

8. Lastly, don’t forget to keep a cheeky collection of the best Girl Boss quotes.

And, if you’re super into them, why not create a wall full of bad-ass inspo? Put them in obvious places like opposite your bed so when you wake up they are the first thing you see. That way, you really can start the day with total positive vibes. Or, dot them all around in quirky places where they might just catch your eye on a down day.

Here are a couple of our personal faves ...

So, there you have it. Follow these 8 rules and you will for sure become the best #GirlBoss in town. We know you’re all super sassy, so you’re already half way there.

And when all else fails … YOU GO GLEN COCO. X