7 Must Haves for a Beauty Junkie's Bedroom

If you’re anything like us girls at Coconut Lane, you’ll LOVE everything interior design. We’re not talking serious dedication like hitting up trade shows or anything. More like endless scrolling through anything home décor related on Pinterest. So we’ve decided to provide you with even more procrastination and ALL the heart eyes you could ever want - you’re welcome.

From the prettiest make-up storage, to the sassiest wall art, here are the 7 things that all you fellow beauty and fashion lovers need, to perfect you’re very own #RoomGoals.

1. A super-retro clothes rail

Now we’re not gonna lie, we’d love one of these just so we can pretend we live in one of those down-town New York apartments – or that we’re part of the New Girl crew and BFF’s with Zoey Deschanel. Just us? Any fellow fashion obsessed needs one of these in their life. Fill it with this season’s capsule wardrobe, or simply your fave collection of outerwear. Either way, you’ll be well on your way to livin’ it up in NYC. And of course it has to be copper.

2. That one chair

You know, that one chair – or floor - that we all elegantly place our clothes on? Yep, we all need one. Now we know you’re all sassy queens, so no old chair will do. We’re talking a pink, velvety throne, luxe enough for you to actually sit on and look like a total babe. I know right, who knew? Oh, and a special mention to those of you who noticed the cheeky snap of The Queen lurking in the background.

3. A beaut dressing table with some bad-ass storage

For those of you who love to feel super organised – or for those who wish they were – this is an ultra-must- have, allowing you to feel like a total pro and as we like to say, too glam to give a damn. If you’re a make-up hoarder (and proud) like us, try creating your very own capsule collection of what you’re loving right now, and storing them in elegant glass boxes. We love Ikea, as we’re not ones to – intentionally – break the bank.

4. The ultimate chic book shelf

Now this goes without saying, but we all need some inspo in our lives. From the fashion and beauty tips of Alexa Chung, to the insights into the world of Chanel, this one is an essential – even if they do just look pretty damn cute sitting there on their lonesome. Colour scheme = pink. Obvs.

5. An antique style ‘it’s so big it’s ridic’ mirror

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?’ You, you queen. I mean, even the puppy loves it.

6. A Regina inspired bedroom mat

Every room needs one of these Mean Girl mats - the perfect sassy reminder literally at your feet.

7. Wall art fit for a Queen

Last, but definitely not least, a little wall art inspo from us gals at CL. We love this print - it's sassy, classy and a just a little bad-assy.

At Coconut Lane, we’re all about keeping it classy, sassy, and a bit bad-assy. And our brand new collection of wall art is perfect for those of you who want to inject a little sass into their lives. From Gossip Girl mantras to Pug-loving prints, check out the best wall art in town. Not that we’re biased or anything. Procrastination over.

Now, as Regina would say – Get in loser, we’re going shopping.