Blogger Spotlight - September

It's that time of the year again - time for chunky cable knits, candle-lit nights, movie marathons, marshmallow toasting and hot choc indulging. Yes, hello there Autumn you beaut of a season. We've missed you. Here at CL HQ we love autumn and we've got some super exciting things coming your way Queens (so keep those eyes open!). The first blogger spotlight of this season features 5 of our lovely Queens who have inspired us in the office this month...

1. Alana Wise

So this girl is deffo insta GOALS! We’ve got some major hair envy from our bae Alana, and not to mention those sideways selfies (B-E- A-U- T!). Her posts range from babies to puppies and everything in-between, oh and also her super gorgeous fiancé (did I hear someone say Coconut Queen wedding?!). 

2. Life Unexpected

Chloe is a first time mum who is sharing each step of the way with her followers! She not only writes great blogs about family lifestyle, but also about blogging itself. We love her latest one, ‘So you Want To Be A Blogger?’ which gives you a real insight into the blogging world and is a great read for anyone starting out in the industry! Check out her blog here. She also has a great Instagram where she often shares pictures of her beautiful little girl, Evie. Chloe is the ultimate #GirlBoss!

3. Naomi Victoria

Naomi’s YouTube is going from strength to strength and it’s obvious why! This Vlogger beauty will give you absolute room envy. Watch her latest room tour and you will see what we mean! Oh, and yeah, we did spot a few Coconut Lane bits and bobs in there too... good taste girl! ;)

4. Pinja K

Having just started an International Fashion Branding course, it’s safe to say this girl knows what she’s talking about. We love her quirky snaps and totally relatable tweets... ‘As I've now had blood running down my leg for a good 20 mins I remember why I ever stopped shaving and started epilating in the first place’ (@Pinja_k). OMG we feel ya pain girl!!

5. Stefanie Watson

Always wanted to go to Paris? US TOO! This insta will take you there. You can follow up her recent birthday adventures in the French capital and get totally jel of all the amazing sights she saw! Her snaps will give you make up goals, oh and did we mention her insanely great brows?! So if you love make-up, beauty, flowers and the occasional cake (oh yes!!) then head over @stefaniejwatson.